twistedchick (twistedchick) wrote in slounger,

Shrift, I have a head cold and no brain, but I wanted to thank you for all you've done for fandom.

(::poke in ribs::)

Oh, yeah, the guys said to say hello, too, and thanks.

("That's not what I wanted to say. Fraser, tell her to say it right.")
("Calm yourself, Ray, I'm sure Shrift will realize that this comes from all of us.")
(::another poke, from intense-looking blond vampire::)
(::behind him, a loonnnng line of good-looking guys, waiting their turn to talk to you.::)

Well, they want to tell you in person, but some are, um, less coherent than others. They said they'd see you in your dreams, lucky girl...
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