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I'm afraid I'm not much of a fic writer or iconer but I can gush with the best of them

Dude? You know I love you. You're one of my oldest and favoritest fandom-friends. I've stalked you through like *tries in vain to count how many fandoms it's been* several years worth of fandoms now. Ever since I met you through LFN back in the day, I have benefited long and luxuriously from all the writing, archiving, reccing, web-mistressing and everyotherbloodything you've done.

No one brings The Funny and The Hot quite like you. I can pretty much guarantee that I'll read anything you write, regardless of pairing or fandom or warnings or whatever, and love it. Off the top of my head, you've helped lure me into at least four fandoms (Sports Night, Smallville, Fast and the Furious, DC Comics) with your special brand of crack rock.

I've got to start con-going again. And we've got to meet up again and do a lot more drinking and a lot more talking about pretty naked men in hotel bars. Um, meaning we can talk about the concept while in the bars...or we can try to find bars where pretty naked men frequent. I'm up for whatever. Your call. :-D

ETA: And oh yeah - Happy Birthday sweetie! :-D *birthday hugs and glitter*
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