JenP (jenlp) wrote in slounger,

Happy shrift day!

jenlp=JenP on the board, which still makes me a relative stranger in that I'm not sure we've often (ever?), you know, posted at each other, and yet... here's how it is:

I wish I wrote fic, because then I'd have an offering. But I don't. My forays into the fic world are actually pretty recent. It all started with an innocent comment in Boxed Set on April 14, 2004: "Hmmm ... could I ask someone for a linky, please...[snip] I am a uninitiated in the ways of fanfic," which must've triggered some sort of "To the Fic Cave!" pimp alert, because no sooner did I post than I had three people, all of whom you know and love, swoop in with a specific story link, further reading recs, and, finally, a pointer to PolyRecs.

PolyRecs. Making fanfic safe for fandom. Or newbies, anyway. So, at the very least, for all ya'll have done there, a happy shrift day greeting is the least I can do.

Also? Someone suggested that, for those of us who don't write fic and such, another way to leave something for you would be to post feedback on a story. So, last night, I read one storythree stories of yours that I hadn't read before. And, wow. I Have Gone Out is haunting, lovely, and lyrical. Big Damn Zombies had me rolling... and I loved the voices (which were so perfect), Wash's being my favorite. And Hurricane Jack was... well now, bawdy, hilarious, and hot. Excellent combination. I'd blather onwrite more, but there's a deadline! What amazes me, though, is how different each of those stories is from the other... and how different but dead-on your writing voice is in each. It's wonderful and enviable. And you share!

So, thanks. And, good god, may thing ease up for you at work.
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