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Happy shrift day! When I look back at all the fandoms I enjoy, it's amazing to see how you've formed the core of many of them. Thank you for everything you've done, and I hope these drabbles are able to convey even the tiniest bit of my appreciation.

Title: She Watches
Author: Voleuse
Rating: PG-13 overall
Summary: Five voyeuristic drabbles, but not in a porny way. Mostly.

1. La Femme Nikita
Nikita and Michael are on close quarters standby for the next 72 hours. They don't glance at each other at the briefing's end; they leave the room in different directions.

Madeline isn't fooled, though she doesn't pass on her suspicions to Operations. She takes a moment to think, anticipates one move to the next, follows their inclinations to the logical conclusion.

Three minutes and forty-two seconds later, she patches into a fifth-level camera feed, and isn't surprised by what she finds.

She ensures the door to her office is locked, and mentally notes to enter this incident into their files.

2. Angel
Cordelia doesn't catch on to the so-very-not-straightness of Wesley right away.

She decides that it's not her lack of perception, because after all, he's a ho for any C-cup that can hold her tequila. Seeing Wesley in yesterday's suit is pretty convincing, preference-wise.

But one day, Angel says something nice to Wesley, something about the research and the demon-killing, except with fewer words, and Wesley kind of smiles like he's never been happier, and it's like a switch has been flipped in her brain. Click.

And it makes perfect sense, because hello? How else could someone get over Cordelia Chase?

3. Alias
Sark fires exactly three times, then lowers his gun. Looks to her for approval.

Irina gestures for the target to be brought. When it's placed on the table before her, she glances at it.

Two shots to the head, one directly through the heart.

She stands without speaking, waves the target away, waves everyone else out of the room.

Only when they are alone does she look at him directly. "Good," she says, then strikes him swiftly, bruising his shoulder, his wrist. Then she turns him toward the new target, and positions his arm.


She sits back to watch.

4. Firefly
River can't look away from his hands.

They stroke through the cloth, echoing in his mind like a moan, making her want to moan, too. His hand smoothes down, around, and up again, grasping firmly, squeezing, before returning to its task.

She finds the rhythm hypnotizing, the way he punctuates every orbit with a low grunt of satisfaction.

When his fingers circle, press inside for a moment, she gasps sharply, draws his attention.

"You spying on me?" Jayne's voice is harsh.

"Watching," she responds.

He squints at her, but she only smiles, so he goes back to polishing his gun.

5. Sports Night [double drabble]
They've cut to Kelly Kirkpatrick in Seattle, and Kim doesn't have much to do, for once. Jeremy's getting the stats from the Boston game, Natalie's working Denver, and Dana's yelling at Elliot about some technical problem for which he's not actually responsible.

Since her job, for the moment, is done, she settles for watching Dan and Casey through the glass. It's a long break, an interview with a new coach, and Dan's telling Casey about a blind date, or maybe a movie he watched on HBO this morning.

It doesn't matter, because Kim's more interested in the way they don't break eye contact, the way Dan leans forward, the way Casey puts his hand next to Dan's just so, not touching but almost.

Casey laughs at something Dan says, leans forward more, and Kim sees the tips of their fingers graze each other. Dan's biting his bottom lip, and then there's a moment when they're not talking at all, before they both laugh again, nervously.

Kim rolls her eyes. "Just make out already," she mutters.

The two men freeze immediately, and as they thaw, their heads turning to the control room, Kim remembers that she still has her headset on.
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