January 24th, 2005

Terse- Sab

Sotto Voce

First, a thank you for everything that you do, the mistakes you've fixed, the care you've taken, the boundless enthusiasm and competence, for your writing and your mind and well, yeah:) Here's to time off and a break from reality!

Firefly, NC-17, years ahead.

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While I was unable to come up with an appropriate fannish offering for you, I'd just like to say that all the work you do is noticed by a great many people, like me, who are not your particular friends or on the same lists as you are, or even in the same fandoms.

I can't speak for everyone, but I'd just like to say a sincere thank you for all the work you've put in making things better for fandom in general. You're one of those people who holds us all together and makes us all better as a group. You provide room for other voices and faciliate the work of others, while creating fabulous things yourself. You're not in competition. Instead you give the rest of us a hand up. It takes someone special to do that.

I hope today is wonderful and all the years to come.
One True Timmy, Tim is thinking thoughts.
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Yay! Shrift-Day!

A distinct lack of context
by Te
January 13, 2005

Disclaimers: No one here is mine.

Spoilers: Not a one.

Summary: Five little smutlets.

Ratings Note: NC-17.

Author's Note: Just a little something to remind you
what the world of shameless, gratuitous porn looks
like, chica. *g*

Acknowledgments: To Jack, Mary, and Livia for

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I don't write banter or smut very well at all, so I was something at a loss for what to do for Shrift. Until I remembered that LJ meme that came through a few months back, which involved first lines of stories.

So I wrote five drabbles, inspired by first lines by Shrift. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine which stories these are from.

Drabbles - inspired by first lines by shrift
by cofax
January 24, 2005

Spoilers for MI-5/Spooks episode 302, and BtVS season 5.

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Shrift, I have a head cold and no brain, but I wanted to thank you for all you've done for fandom.

(::poke in ribs::)

Oh, yeah, the guys said to say hello, too, and thanks.

("That's not what I wanted to say. Fraser, tell her to say it right.")
("Calm yourself, Ray, I'm sure Shrift will realize that this comes from all of us.")
(::another poke, from intense-looking blond vampire::)
(::behind him, a loonnnng line of good-looking guys, waiting their turn to talk to you.::)

Well, they want to tell you in person, but some are, um, less coherent than others. They said they'd see you in your dreams, lucky girl...
NCIS Family - bleeding_muse

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Happy Shrift Day!!!

Title: Sacrifice
For: shrift
The fandom: La Femme Nikita
The pairing: Madeline/Operations, with f/f implications
A/N: This is not one of your usual pairings, Shrift, we met through LFN, and its your fault I started writing fic in the first place. I figured this piece was a good tribute, and hopefully it is. Thanks shrift, for everything you do.
Summary: It wasn't sensual. It wasn't sexy. Instead, it made him feel unmanned


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Happy Shrift-day!

This longish drabble is for the lovely, talented, and wonderful shrift, as a reminder of the fandom where we met.

by Noel Goddard

Fandom: MI-5/Spooks
Spoilers: Through season 3, episode 2 - The Sleeper
Summary: Angst, angst, angst. But isn't that always what MI-5 is about?
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Makes reference to Peter Salter (played by Anthony Stewart Head) in Season 1, episode 4 - Traitor's Gate.
Disclaimers: I don't own these characters. Don't sue me.

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Shrift, if for nothing else, I'd thank you for Objectifying Men (you're quite the inspiration) and for the WIP which shall not be named.

I have no porn to bring (pa rum pum pum pum) ... just thanks.

But I could promise to stop bringing the WIP up, if you'd like...

Oh Baby

Shrift-Goddess, happy birthday to youuuuuuuu!

At this moment I can neither offer fic nor fandom, pictures nor porn. (Had I any I would share, truly I would -- after you pried my cold sticky fingers off.) And if I had a Great Job to give you, I would, oh I would.

You are lovely and talented and you make slash yummy. You foster fandoms like some deranged mommy-dearest and you pimp (writers) better than a Hollywood madam. Would that there were more of you.
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for our Shrifty / she's so nifty / (and also thrifty) / here's a giftie

Shrift, you bust your ass and put in hours that are truly astonishing -- and that's just on fannish pursuits! (Your paying job, BTW, doesn't pay you nearly enough for the hours you work.)

So, in gratitude for your ass-bustingess, your general kick-ass-ishness, AND because YOU were the person who clued me in to the existence of Simon & Simon slash (actually, that SO doesn't deserve thanks, but it always makes me laugh), I present the following: (1) IOU a Guinness, to be consumed at some indeterminate point in the future; (2) the icon for this post; and (3) a Shriftian memory, in full technicolor: Candy, Too Much. (See also, F2F.)Collapse )

Happy shrift day!

As a non-ficcer, I was going to figure out what my favorite of your fics was, and write something up about why I liked it.

You know what, I tried, but it was too damn hard picking just one. Hell, I couldn't even pick a favorite fandom. There have been more than enough work days where the best part of my day was looking forward to a new shrift story to read, or an update of Poly Recs to pour through, when my work day was finally over. In fact, today is one of those days, since I have so much shrift inspired stories to read when I get home.

I'm sorry you are going through work hell right now, and I hope it eases up pretty damn fast.

Most of all, thanks so much for everything.

In honor of Shrift...

She who I shall always think of when I think of hotel beds, whisky, Wes, and Gunn...

...which happens more often than one might think.

Hip Hip, Ho-yay!

Three cheers for the fangirl named Shrift
Who suffers acute fandom drift
Which keeps her up nights
Producing great sites
For without her, we'd all be bereft

(Honestly? I meant to draw Tim for you, for HIS BOOTS HAVE TOES!!!, but reality got in the way. IOU one Tim.)
Where's Billy?

A Rogue Demon Hunter and a Guitar Player Walk into a Bar…

ETA: this pretty much spoils the end of Hard Core Logo. If you haven't seen that film, you should go rent it, watch it, and return.

A Rogue Demon Hunter and a Guitar Player Walk into a Bar…
by Pouncer

A burst of discordant laughter and shouted obscenities grated on Wesley’s ear. He cast a jaundiced eye toward the group near the dart board. Shield’s Pub wasn’t the kind of place that welcomed drunken yuppies for happy hour. Its clientele was more the type to appreciate the silent camaraderie that sprung up among isolated drinkers—people who wanted to be alone, but didn’t want to drink alone. The scrum over there clearly didn’t have the brains to pick up on that.Collapse )
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comicverse by daxcat
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(no subject)

In 2001, I went to my first Con. And for some reason - probably the hubris of the newbie writer - I agreed to sit on a fanfiction panel. As I recall, I was next to or one person away from shrift. I took a shine to her snarky snide wonderfully dark personality right away and I'm thrilled and honored that she's still one of my original fannish friends.

For you, shrift. For all you do, for all you are.

[PS Traffic cones! And security, knocking on our door before fucking midnight!]

Title: Still none; WIP
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Jack/Elizabeth (well, sorta)

In the night, he dreamt of her.Collapse )

I Do Not Fic

Sorry, Shrift. I am not a ficcer. I've written, like, 300 words of fic ever. If that much. So I appreciate even more those who DO write fic. Like YOU! And I *especially* love you for doing Poly Recs, which is the most useful wonderful time-wasting thing EVAH. And the script sites. And the Buffista Quote Generator. And all the gajillion things you do! Because you ROCK.

Also? You're superhot. And look cute in bunny ears, slounging. And you should totally come to DC for your birthday. Or whenever. Uh, for values of whenever meaning "when I'm not travelling".

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(no subject)

Happy shrift day! When I look back at all the fandoms I enjoy, it's amazing to see how you've formed the core of many of them. Thank you for everything you've done, and I hope these drabbles are able to convey even the tiniest bit of my appreciation.

Title: She Watches
Author: Voleuse
Rating: PG-13 overall
Summary: Five voyeuristic drabbles, but not in a porny way. Mostly.

1. La Femme NikitaCollapse )

2. AngelCollapse )

3. AliasCollapse )

4. FireflyCollapse )

5. Sports Night [double drabble]Collapse )
farscape moya starburst by elishavah
  • jenlev

greetings and best wishes.

we also don't know each other, but i wanted to say hello and thank you for all that you do. the consistent quality of your writing, (and oh, the recs too.) astounds me.

i don't have the talent for writing fiction, but i read it, and require it as if it was oxygen. and your writing is very rich oxygen indeed.

you also make me laugh like a fiend. your capacity to write from 'internal stillness', makes the characters even more true and real. it's something i look for and love in really great writing, and you do it incredibly well.

your farscape fiction is always luscious, funny, and wonderfully bittersweet.

sending you good thoughts and appreciation. thank you. *g*
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At least it wasn't zombies this time.

When I grow up, I want to do voices as well as Shrift. Until then, this humble offering will have to do.

Shrift, for you I post on a school night. I didn't have time to make it shorter, sorry.

Title: Mummys, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Author: hossgal
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: PG for fantasy swearing
Spoilers: Umm. No?
Summary: At least it wasn't zombies this time.
Notes: Written for Shriftday 2005. Hattip to cofax for organizing the 'fest, and to the lovely lady herself, long may she snark. With obvious debts to the old masters of suspense, and to S. Morgenstern.


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textually render

Happy Shrift Day!

Woohoo, it's Happy Shrift Day! In celebration, I shall now reenact a Bavarian racing hare dancing upon a den of boars.


Perhaps I shall just give Shrift the hugs and twirls she deserves, and a little bit of fic. Thank you Shrift, for making fandom a better place.

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Dr. Who - "Nine"
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(no subject)

Happy shrift day!

jenlp=JenP on the board, which still makes me a relative stranger in that I'm not sure we've often (ever?), you know, posted at each other, and yet... here's how it is:

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So, thanks. And, good god, may thing ease up for you at work.
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(no subject)

My humble contribution: a short Firefly vignette just under the wire! And valentines to shrift, may she wear leather skirts and raise one bored eyebrow in perpetuity.

Things Alchemical
lacking spoilers, racy material, and anything resembling a point.
by Vehemently
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Angel (John)
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(no subject)

Happy Birthday Shrift!

You were one of the first fic writers that fed my addiction for Farscape slash, actually fic in general, and I still have yet to properly thank you for that.

I wanted to give you something as a way to show my gratitude and appreciation, but everything I came up with paled in comparision to what you've given us.

So all I can do really is wish you the best.