January 25th, 2005

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For shrift. *g*

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Reform School Girl by shrift

Better together!

Buy both today! Only $8.00.

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Editorial Reviews
Product description:

Released on the back of other successful Polyamorous titles such as ‘Remember Me to the Knight’ and ‘Denizens of Dragsylvania’, shrift’s ‘Reform School Girl’ leaves the other titles floundering in its sleazy wake. As a document of searing socio-realism this book was instrumental to Legislators and Law Makers alike, and helped to usher in the infamous ‘Shrift Amendments 1 and 2’ where water hose pressure became standardised throughout the country, and Female Reform School inmates were issued with free stockings and suspenders every Monday and scarlet lipstick every second Wednesday (unless falling upon a public holiday). As a story of the downfall and eventual triumph of Lucinda Lovelace over the Reform School’s demented Matron Mandible, the book is a harrowing ride of ups and downs leading to a literally breathless conclusion in Matron Mandible’s tiny broom closet in her motorhome in the Sierra Nevadas. This title is worthy of its reputation of ‘modern classic’ and should be recommended reading for any tentative young teen.

And, it’s got a sealed section. Isn’t that recommendation enough?

Product Details
* Paperback: 298 pages
* Publisher: Polyamorous 2005 (reprint)
* ISBN: 1561632074
* Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.7 x 0.7 inches
* Shipping Weight: 10 ounces
* Average Customer Review: ***** based on 10 reviews
* Amazon.com Sales Rank in Books: #2

1 of 498 people found the following review helpful:
***** </b>Delicious and fun</b>, Jan 10, 2005
Reviewer: A reader
I bought this, and Doctor Howhard, and the Peanut Butter one, and this one was so much better than the others. The others were so cheesy (except for the Peanut Butter one).

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3 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
*****Man, this stuff is hot!, Jan 11, 2005
Reviewer: Blueberry Muffins
I ran out and bought this and also some burn cream from the local Wallgreens. BE WARNED!! These pages are HOT! and my fingertips were scorched by the time I got to the Sierra Nevadas and Mandribble’s brush cupboard. Can you really do that with a can of Mr Sheen?

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45 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
**Don’t believe the hype...., Jan 11, 2005
Reviewer: Ms Ten Percent
Grindingly slow, turgid, even tumescent in places, I can’t see how this was ‘banned by a generation’ unless it was for the poor writing and non-existent plot. Based on a true story? A milestone book that changed attitudes and social mores and opened the way for stocking sellers to make a killing? The book that heralded the downfall of Senator Lightstone and the Harvard Gentlemen’s Pony Club? The book that shook the British Monarchy and worried The Queen? The book that ushered in the Great Flying Saucer Scare of Piqua, Kansas? I could ask questions like this all day because I'm a boring old twat with no answers.

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3 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
********Better than sex***, Jan 14, 2005
Reviewer: Mrs Sharples, West Midlands, UK
My husband and I have never looked back. Thanks, shrift.

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*****That freakin' brush nook-y thing in the caravan...dueds!!, Jan 21, 2005
Reviewer: Youngest Mulder, Birmingham, UK
The troof is in here, man. Freakin' great, man, and it's got a sealed seckshun!, dueds! Me mam couldn't wait to get her hands on it, never seen the wrinklie get so exited, so I had to read it supersticiously, like under the blankys... man. Cooool dued, but steamin' man.

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Happy Shriftday, O ever-fabulous Shrift!

I wish there were more I could do to celebrate the wonder that you are. But I no longer write, and I think I wouldn't try to do a vid to spec without talking to you about it first.

So here's what I made:

I never would have watched Sports Night if it weren't for your brilliant, hilarious, and devastatingly sexy Dan/Casey fic. I'm very grateful to you, because you inspired me in a shiny new fandom that remains dear to my heart.

Your energy, wit, passion, talent, and charm are always inspirational. You were born, and that's a reason to celebrate!

I hope the year brings you joy and peace.

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Afraid I missed the day due to being all lazy/avoidy yesterday, but I hope it's not too late to wish shrift a happy belated birthday. In honor of the occasion, I created this little LiveJournal icon:

What would shrift do?
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Bangs head against keyboard.

Shrift, I am sorry. The day slipped past me before I knew it, and I didn't even say Happy Shrift Day.
Okay. Belated Happy Shrift Day.

As I belatedly slink off into the day...