Sarah Ellen Parsons (se_parsons) wrote in slounger,
Sarah Ellen Parsons


While I was unable to come up with an appropriate fannish offering for you, I'd just like to say that all the work you do is noticed by a great many people, like me, who are not your particular friends or on the same lists as you are, or even in the same fandoms.

I can't speak for everyone, but I'd just like to say a sincere thank you for all the work you've put in making things better for fandom in general. You're one of those people who holds us all together and makes us all better as a group. You provide room for other voices and faciliate the work of others, while creating fabulous things yourself. You're not in competition. Instead you give the rest of us a hand up. It takes someone special to do that.

I hope today is wonderful and all the years to come.
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