Teppy (stephl) wrote in slounger,

for our Shrifty / she's so nifty / (and also thrifty) / here's a giftie

Shrift, you bust your ass and put in hours that are truly astonishing -- and that's just on fannish pursuits! (Your paying job, BTW, doesn't pay you nearly enough for the hours you work.)

So, in gratitude for your ass-bustingess, your general kick-ass-ishness, AND because YOU were the person who clued me in to the existence of Simon & Simon slash (actually, that SO doesn't deserve thanks, but it always makes me laugh), I present the following: (1) IOU a Guinness, to be consumed at some indeterminate point in the future; (2) the icon for this post; and (3) a Shriftian memory, in full technicolor:

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