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Thank you!

We don't know each other, but I've long been grateful for Polyamorous Recs and the Buffy Fiction Archive in particular and all the work you do with fannish infrastructure in general. Thank you! I thought I'd take the chance today to send some long overdue feedback. (Also, it gave me a chance to reread some of your stories, also a bonus *g*)

AtS, A Triangle in Nature: Okay, so I don't even like Lindsey that much. But I like the sharpness of the characterization here, the way that Wesley and Lindsey both define themselves in terms of Angel, which is so very canon. Also, I adore the sharpness of the dialogue--I could clearly picture AD and CK reading the following lines:

>Lindsey's laugh sounded genuine, if rusty. "Damn, boy. You should've had the stick surgically removed from your ass years ago."

"Elective surgery is expensive, and being unemployed, I have no insurance," Wesley said.<

AtS, Comfortable. Aw, Gunn and Wesley and bantering and friendship, all things that I'm such a sucker for. I love Gunn touching Wes in Comfortable, all playful shoves and arms around shoulders and manly-bonding headlocks; it makes me want to go back to that very comfy time at the end of season 2/beginning of season 3. And then there's sneaky, sneaky Wesley:

>"When I first met Cordelia, I had a tendency to faint at any hint of danger, and I was far too uptight to kiss her properly."

"You just took all the fun out of it."

"Oh, I know," Wesley said. "Do you want to return home with me so we might shower and fuck?"<


Plus which, you have perfect pitch for the dialogue of the other characters too. I especially like this line from Lorne, which makes me snerk:

>"Sweetie," Lorne said, passing through the lobby on his way to the kitchen, still wearing his silk pajamas, "don't try to pull the cotton-wool blend over an anagogic demon's eyes."<

BtVS, One Hundred Forty Seven Ways perfectly captures the tentative, shifting ground between Spike and Buffy at the beginning of season 6, as well as Spike's good qualities and bad. I just love this line:

>But he tries, and grits his teeth when he remembers Giles is gone and none of the children ken his references. Rupert's the only one who ever laughed with him.<

dS, Refraction. OMG, the hotness of Ray in makeup. I first read this before I'd seen more than a smattering of the show, and recently went back to it after I'd gotten the DVDs, and I love, love, love your Fraser and Ray.

>Fraser was beginning to feel thwarted.<

That line just made me laugh out loud.

Big Damn Zombies, Sir Oh, man. So many awesome lines in this story, so much crisp, in-character dialogue, so much zombie goodness. I love this story. I *heart* your Wash dialogue especially. But really, if I start quoting individual lines, I end up quoting all of them.

Highlander/Good Omens, Bibliophily. There are footnotes; I swoon. Also there was this line, which made me giggle: >You great, bloody, thieving excuse for a Principality!" Methos said. "What, 'thou shalt not steal' doesn't apply to you?"< Heh.

SN, Flirtational Theory. Again, the dialogue here is *so* good, not just for Casey and Dan but for all the characters: >Kim crossed her arms. "I also have Natalie's alcohol-induced mood swings by proxy."<

And I love this moment when the banter gets suddenly serious, and how even when they get emotional, your guys remain the guys from the show:

>Casey slammed his beer on the counter. "I gave up a lucrative career as a talk show host and ruined my marriage to stay with you, Danny, and now I'm asking you not to make me choose between you and Charlie, okay? You're my best friend. Please don't do that to me." Casey thumped his beer down again for good measure. "This is what guys don't talk about. And I hate ending a sentence with a preposition!"<

And the warmth between them--you can clearly tell these two guys are friends with a history.

Anyway, thank you for all your stories, and all the work you do.
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